​ABCD COh is an independent professional organization, with sister chapters in Southwest Ohio, Northeast Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. We operate with the mission to:

To educate designers, constructors, federal,  state, and local officials, and the general public in the vital role of safe bridges in our society.

2. To improve and encourage the science of bridge design and reconstruction by providing a forum for members to exchange and develop new ideas and techniques.

3. To provide technical information and assistance to various public and private authorities for bridge programs.

4. To educate and encourage public and private authorities in new and improved techniques for testing and reconstruction of bridge structure to promote the public welfare.

The membership levels and fees are listed below

* Corporate Member = $200
      Includes 2 individual memberships ​
      A $5 convenience fee would apply for online
      Corporate registration.

* Individual Member = $50

* Government Member = $35

* Student = $10

Corporate Members will get recognition on our website and at meetings, as well as the ability to post job openings on our website.

2023 Corporate Members